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INTEX-B Acronyms

AATS Ames Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer
ARC Ames Research Center
AROTAL Airborne Raman Ozone, Temperature and Aerosol Lidar
ATHOS Airborne Tropospheric Hydrogen Oxides Sensor
AVE Aura Validation Experiment
CAR Cloud Absorption Radiometer
CIMS Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
CRYO Cryogenic Hygrometer
DACOM Differential Absorption CO Measurement
DCALS Dual Channel Airborne Laser Spectrometer
DIAL Differential Absorption Lidar
DLH Diode Laser Hygrometer
DIAS Direct beam Irradiance Atmospheric Spectrometer
EOL Earth Observing Laboratory
ESPO Earth Science Project Office
FASTOZ Fast Ozone
FCAS Focused Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GT/LIF Georgia Tech Laser Induced Fluorescence
GTCIMS Georgia Tech Chemical Induced Mass Spectrometer
HIRDLS High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder
HSRL High Spectral Resolution Lidar
HySPAR Hyperspectral Polarimeter for Aerosol Retrievals
ICATS Information Collection and Transmission System
INTEX Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSC Johnson Space Center
LAABS Langley Airborne A-Band Spectrometer
LARC Langley Research Center
MACS Multiple Aerosol Collection System
MAX Megacity Aerosol Experiment
MCMA Mexico City Metropolitan Area
MIRAGE Megacity Impacts on Regional & Global Environment
MISR Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
MLS Microwave Limb Sounder
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MTP Microwave Temperature Profiler
N-MASS Nucleation-Mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NSF National Science Foundation
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OMI Ozone Monitoring Instrument
PANAK PAN-Aldehydes-Ketones
POS Position & Orientation System
RSP Research Scanning Polarimeter
SAFS Scanning Actinic Flux Spectroradiometers
SSFR Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer
TCP Tropospheric Chemistry Program
TD-LIF Thermal Dissociation and Laser Induced Fluorescence
TES Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer
UND University of North Dakota
WAS Whole Air Sampler
WFF Wallops Flight Facility