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INTEX-B - General Info - Veracruz

Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho # 3650
Fracc. Costa de Oro
Zona Hotelera
Boca del Ro, Veracruz, 94299
Tel: (52 229) 9 23-5500
Fax: (52 229) 9 23-5501

Local Info
Veracruz A/P: 10 miles W of downtown Veracruz
Lat/Long: 19 N, 96 W
Getting There:

  • Daily flight via Houston (Continental).
  • Multiple daily flights from Mexico City (Mexicana, Aeromexico).

Average March weather: 69 - 80 F
Time: GMT- 6 (CST year-round)
Country code: 52, City code: 229
Per diem rates: $120 lodging, $71 M&IE per day.
Current exchange rate is 10.5 pesos/dollar as of 12/1/05.
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