This is an instrument team page, for managing the members of the AERONET instrument team. Members of the instrument team are able to edit any webpages describing their instrument(s) and are able to submit measurements made by their instrument(s) to the ESPO data archive.

Brent HolbenPrincipal Investigator
Luigi BoschettiCo-Investigator
Thomas F. EckCo-Investigator
David GilesCo-Investigator
Philippe GoloubCo-Investigator
Joel SchaferCo-Investigator
Aliaksandr SinyukCo-Investigator
Ilya SlutskerCo-Investigator
Alexander SmirnovCo-Investigator
Luc BlarelInstrument Manager
Gael DuboisInstrument Manager
Peter GagInstrument Manager
Jason KraftInstrument Manager
Anthony LaRosaInstrument Manager
Aliaksandr LapionakInstrument Manager
Thierry Podvin Instrument Manager
Ioana PopoviciInstrument Manager
Lelia ProniewskiInstrument Manager
Mikhail SorokinInstrument Manager
Arsenio Menendez