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Vacuum UV Resonance Fluorescence CO Instrument (VUV-CO)


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The NCAR/NSF G-V vacuum UV resonance fluorescence instrument is a commercial version of the instrument published by Gerbig, et al. (Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 104, No. D1, 1699-1704, 1999). The source is a flowing RF discharge gas lamp emitting in the VUV. An optical filter provides a narrow band of source radiation centered at 151 nm with a 10 nm bandpass. CO fluorescence is detected using photon counting. The internal data system can accommodate sampling rates from 1-18 samples/second. For SEAC4RS, the instrument was integrated into the HAIS ozone instrument rack and shared a pressure-controlled inlet.

Instrument Type: 
Gulfstream V - NSF
Point(s) of Contact: 
Teresa Campos (POC; PI)