Photo primarily shows one or more people


Joe Taylor and Douglas Adler checking S-HIS instrument view port.

Jason St. Clair and Ilana Pollack uploading ISAF and CSU-NH3 instruments on the DC-8.

John Crounse and Kat Ball getting ready to weigh the CIT-CIMS rack.

Picture of the day: Our CAPS team getting ready to test their aircraft set up. Pictured from left to right Harald Schuh, Bernadett Weinzierl, Manuel Schoberl and Sophie Scharinger.

Eleanor Waxman reattaching part of the NNOx inlet

Checking off Egress training prior to flying.

Han Huynh, Adam Ahern and Sam Taylor from AOP installing tanks inside the DC-8.

G-III Final Crew for IOP-2


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