CAMP2Ex Bibliography


Monsoon environment:
Overall meteorology and aerosol environment:
Aerosol remote sensing of SE Asia:


2011 Cruise aerosol meteorology:
2012 Cruise CCN dynamics:
2012 Cruise regional aerosol meteorology:
2012 Cruise regional field observations:

Aerosol Properties

Aerosol Chemistry-Singapore:
Aerosol and gas chemistry in Borneo:
Air Quality Malaysia:
Air Quality Manila:
Air Quality Philippines:
Air quality impact of smoke on Singapore:
Air quality impact of smoke on Singapore:
Air quality-regional attribution:
Aerosol secondary production:
Aerosol vertical distribution over Borneo:
Aerosol vertical distribution over Singapore
Aerosol vertical distribution and PM2.5 over Singapore:
Aerosol vertical distribution Maritime Continent:
Smoke optical properties:

Climate Change

Climate change and peatlands:

Fire Activity

Fire trends:
Fire activity in 2015:
Geostationary fire activity:

Aerosol Meteorology

Aerosol and MJO:
Fire, smoke and MJO for an extreme event:
Smoke meteorology:
Smoke plume dynamics:
Smoke transport patterns:

Aerosol Indirect Effects

Aerosol/cloud reflectivity-
Aerosol cloud impacts:
Aerosol-lightning relationships:
Aerosol-lightning relationships:
Model-satellite-obs comparison:


Meteorological modes of variability:
MJO-TC coupling:
Monsoon rainfall:
Precip product validation:
Precip product validation:

Remote Sensing

AERONET based optical properties in Singapore:
Severe smoke events in Borneo: