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Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (GT-CIMS)


Operated By: 

The CIMS instrument consists of a low pressure ion molecule reactor (IMR) coupled to a quadrupole mass filter by an actively pumped collisional dissociation chamber (CDC) and an octopole ion guide. The vacuum system is a 100 mm outer diameter stainless steel chamber evacuated with two small turbo pumps (70 l s-1). The mass filter is a set of 9.5 mm diameter quadrupole rods housed in the main vacuum chamber. The CDC is a short 80 mm diameter chamber that houses an octopole ion guide and is evacuated with a hybrid molecular drag pump. The IMR is evacuated with a scroll pump (300 l min-1) that also serves as the backing pump for the mass spectrometer.

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Instrument Type: 
DC-8 - AFRC, Gulfstream V - NSF
Point(s) of Contact: 
L. Greg Huey (POC; PI), John B. Nowak (Co-I), David J. Tanner (Co-I), Saewung Kim (Co-I)