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Cloud Absorption Radiometer (CAR)


Operated By: 

CAR is a multi-wavelength scanning radiometer for determining albedo of clouds in the visible and near-infrared and measuring the angular distribution of scattered radiation and bidirectional reflectance of various surface types. It acquires imagery of cloud and Earth surface features.

For details, visit: https://car.gsfc.nasa.gov/

Instrument Type: 
J-31, P-3 Orion - WFF, Convair 580 NRC, Naval Research Lab (NRL) P-3 Orion, C-131A University of Washington
Recent Missions: 
SaSa (P-3 Orion - WFF); SCAR-B (C-131A University of Washington); FIRE-ACE (C-131A University of Washington); DISCOVER-AQ (P-3 Orion - WFF); CLASIC (J-31); CLAMS (Convair 580 NRC)
Complete mission list:
  • SaSa (P-3 Orion - WFF)
  • SCAR-B (C-131A University of Washington)
  • FIRE-ACE (C-131A University of Washington)
  • DISCOVER-AQ (P-3 Orion - WFF)
  • CLASIC (J-31)
  • CLAMS (Convair 580 NRC)
  • SnowEx Winter 1 (Naval Research Lab (NRL) P-3 Orion)
  • SAFARI (Convair 580 NRC)
  • ARCTAS (P-3 Orion - WFF)
  • INTEX-B (J-31)
Point(s) of Contact: 
Charles Gatebe (POC; PI)