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ARCTAS Science Presentations

Arctic Research on the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS) Science Team Meeting

Tuesday, January 8 – Thursday, January 10, 2008
Computer Sciences Corporation, 7700 Hubble Drive Lanham-Seabrook, MD 20706

Tuesday, January 8

Moderator – Jim Crawford

9:00 Introduction and Headquarters perspective – Jim Crawford and Hal Maring

9:30 Overview of the ARCTAS mission and scientific objectives – Daniel Jacob

10:00 Meteorological overview– Henry Fuelberg

10:30 ARCTAS-Cal – Don Blake

Moderator -Hal Maring

11:15 NOAA collaboration (ARCPAC/ICEALOT) – Chuck Brock

11:45 DOE collaboration (ISDAC) – Steve Ghan

12:15 HIPPO collaboration – Daniel Jacob

12:30 International POLARCAT collaborations –Jack Dibb

Moderator – Jim Crawford

2:00 DC-8 payload and flight plans – Jack Dibb

2:30 B-200 payload and flight plans – Rich Ferrare and/or Chris Hostetler

3:00 P-3B payload and flight plans – Phil Russell

3:30 Coordination between the three aircraft – Phil Russell

Moderator – Jack Dibb

4:00 Forecasting and modeling – Daniel Jacob

4:15 ARCIONS and NATIVE – Anne Thompson

4:30 Ground measurements – Glenn Shaw

4:45 Emission inventories – David Streets

5:00 Boreal fires – Mike Fromm

5:15 Deployment schedule and logistics – Kent Shiffer

Wednesday, January 9

Moderator – Daniel Jacob

9:00 Aura validation science and mission strategy – Mark Schoeberl

9:30 CALIPSO validation science and mission strategy – Dave Winker

10:00 Terra/ Aqua validation science and mission strategy – Ralph Kahn, Louisa Emmons, and Juying Warner

10:45 Working Group meetings -DC-8 (chairs: Dibb/Brune) -P-3B and B-200 (chairs: Russell/Ferrare/Hostetler) -Modeling and Support (including ground/satellite measurements) (chairs: Jacob/Fuelberg)


Aircraft DC-8:

LARGE, Anderson
TOGA, Apel
WAS, Blake
ATHOS, Brune
CalTech Proposed Flight Plan
HOxCIMS, Cantrell
TD-LIF, Cohen
SAGA, Dibb
DACOM, Diskin
DFGAS, Fried
DIAL, Hair
CAFS, Hall
CIMS, Huey
HR-ToF-AMS, Jimenez
SP2, Kondo
PILS, Weber
NOxy03, Weinheimer
CIMS, Wennberg
PTRMS, Wisthaler

Aircraft B-200 & P-3:

REVEAL, Freudinger
P-3, B-200 PI Slides

Modeling and support:

GEOS5, Colarco
Fromm Stocks
Fromm Stocks Proposal Abstract
Harvard Support, Jacob
MISR, Kahn
MISR, Kahn Overview
NCAR Forecast Plan
Ozonesondes, Oltmans
Rodriguez & Salawitch
BrO, Wang & Chance
ODE, Wang & Chance
GEOS5, daSilva

Thursday, January 10

Moderator – Jim Crawford Working group reports:

8:30 DC-8 Working Group – Dibb/Brune

8:50 P-3B/B-200 Working Group – Russell/Ferrare/Hostetler

9:10 Modeling/Support Working Group – Jacob/Fuelberg

Moderator – Phil Russell

9:45 Satellite validation plan – Louisa Emmons

10:00 Instrument intercomparisons – Bill Brune

10:15 Data archival, format, and policy – Gao Chen

10:30 Logistics reminders -ESPO/Kathy Thompson

11:00 Action items and unresolved issues – Jim Crawford and Hal Maring