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ARCTAS Shipping - Cold Lake

Shipping equipment to Canada will require a packing list for customs. We have provided a template to use; you do not have to use this format, but please provide description, serial number, and value for all items. Quincy will need a copy of your packing list electronically.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will need to know about every shipment coming into the country, so it can be processed as a temporary import and the proper custom officials can be alerted. There is an exemption from the CBSA that allows temporary import of all equipment associated with the IPY project, which includes ARCTAS. This allows exemptions from import taxes and speeds up the customs process.

Please try and use one of the prearranged shipments to send your equipment. If you need to send equipment directly from your home facility, please see the instructions below.

Palmdale to Cold Lake:

Similar to the Fairbanks portion of the project, there will be a truck shipment from Palmdale directly to Cold Lake. The truck is scheduled to leave Palmdale on the morning of June 24th.

Quincy will be in Palmdale starting the afternoon of June 20th, and will be there until the truck leaves. Please provide him with a packing list of all equipment you need to send on the truck, but make sure you list all your dangerous goods on a separate packing list.

Quincy will need to receive all the dangerous goods by close of business the 21st, and all the rest of the equipment by close of business the 22nd.

Ames to Cold Lake:

The current plan is to ship equipment from Ames on June 24th so that it will arrive in Cold Lake before the weekend. If this creates a problem for anyone, please contact me directly.

Other shipments:

Anyone sending equipment directly to Canada from their home facility will need to notify me. Quincy will need a copy of the bill of lading or air waybill to provide to CBSA. Quincy will provide you with the necessary documentation that needs to accompany your shipment along with your packing list, and I will notify CBSA as well.

Avoid sending equipment directly from a vendor to Cold Lake because of the complicated process for clearing customs.


Cold Lake Shipping Address:

4 Wing Cold Lake
Station Forces
Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 2C6
Attn: Mr. John White

Please contact Quincy Allison with any questions regarding the shipping process.