CAMP2Ex Shipping

CAMP2Ex 2019 Shipping Overview

ESPO will be facilitating air and sea shipments from Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) to Clark international Airport - Philippines, and then back to WFF at the end of the 2019 campaign. The sea shipment, departing in mid May, will be for instrument and lab support equipment not required for integration. The air shipment, departing after the final check flight, will be for tools and equipment required for integration. 

All dates below are subject to change, please check back often!
Latest update - August 1, 2019


March 22 - Sea Shipment/Hazmat manifest due 

May 3 - Sea Shipment/Hazmat cargo due at WFF
May 13 - Sea shipment/Hazmat cargo ships from WFF to Clark 

June 1 - All Air Shipment volume surveys due
July 19 - Air Shipment #1 manifest due

July 26 - Air Shipment Cargo #1 due at WFF
July 26  - Air Shipment #2 manifest due 

August 1 - Air shipment Cargo #1 ships from WFF to Clark 
August 6 - Air Shipment Cargo #2 due at WFF
August 14 - Air Shipment Cargo #2 ships from WFF to Clark 

July 12 - Sea Shipment/Hazmat arrived at Clark
August 14 - Air Shipment Cargo #1 arrives at Clark

August 23 - Air Shipment Cargo #2 arrives at Clark


Please see links for shipping manifests below:

Sea Shipment Manifest sample

Hazmat shipment Manifest sample 

Air shipment Manifest sample

Relative Cost of Air vs. Sea Shipments
For the cost of shipping 1 pallet via air, we can ship 5 via sea. Where possible, please separate items required for integration from any general lab support equipment.

We will be shipping items regulated as dangerous goods/hazmats via the sea shipment only. Specialty gasses required for integration and check flights will either be transported on the P-3 or by sea. 

Shipments to Wallops Flight Facility
Instrument Teams are responsible for shipping to/from WFF. ESPO will ship to/from the deployment site. Please pack any fragile sensitive equipment in hard shell cases with plenty of packing material to avoid damage. Do not ship loose items if possible.

Clearly label each box with “CAMP2Ex,” the instrument name, the PI's name, and contact phone number. Before you ship your items to Wallops, please email Sommer Nicholas and Brent Williams with the appropriate completed manifest form and include as much detail as possible.

Shipping Point of Contact (POC) Info:

Sommer Nicholas ( (650) 450-7645

Brent Williams ( (831) 247-8242


Kelly Griffin ( (757) 894-4985



NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Hangar N-159, Hangar Floor
c/o Kelly Griffin (757-894-4985)
Wallops Island, VA 23337
ATTN: CAMP2Ex/ [team or onsite POC’s name]

Shipments to Clark International Airport, PHILIPPINES 
You MUST always inform ESPO of any shipments to Clark, before you make them. We can help determine the best shipping option.

It is critical that you follow the steps below:

It is best to consign all shipments to the US Embassy as such:
U.S. Embassy
Manila, Philippines
We consign the cargo to the Embassy so that we can receive duty exemptions, but we don’t want the cargo to be physically delivered there, we just want it to read that way so they can process their paperwork.
We actually mark for/ship the cargo to:

A1 Global Logistics Services Co.                                                                                                                                                 
8414 Dr. A Santos Avenue,                                                                                                                                                          
Sucat, Paranaque City                                                                                                                                                    
Tel: 875-84-23/0917-812-6548

This is the local agent that will ensure delivery to Clark.
Please send a copy of the signed air waybill (when available) to, we will forward that information to the US Embassy so they can start the paperwork process while the cargo is in transit.

FedEx is the recommended courier. Shipping anything overnight (such as an envelop or a parcel) takes at least 4-5 days to Manila, from there it will take an aditional day or two to reach Clark.

POC: Mr. Arnold Santiago
Mobile Phone: +63 999 885 8360

Alternate contact: 
Asian Aerospace Corporation
M: +63999 993 2222
T: +632 851 2222

NASA ESPO POC:  Jhony R. Zavaleta +1 (650) 224-4825