ER-2 Instruments

InstrumentFull NameContact PersonTypeMeasurementsData
Harvard CO2High-Sensitivity Fast-Response CO2 AnalyzerSteven C. Wofsy (PI)Gas chromatographyCO2AC, CD
HOxHarvard Hydroxyl ExperimentJames Anderson (PI)Fluorescence, Laser absorptionOH, HO2HW, HO
MMSMeteorological Measurement SystemT. Paul Bui (PI)Wind, Turbulence, Temperature, Aircraft positionFP, MM
ACATSAirborne Chromatograph For Atmospheric Trace SpeciesJames W. Elkins (PI)Gas chromatographyCFCl3, CF2Cl2, CF2ClCFCl2, CH3CCl3, CCl4, Halon-1211, CHCl3, CH4, H2, N2O, SF6GC
FPCASFSSP-300 Aerosol SpectrometerAerosol Scattering Ratio
Lyman Alpha-HygrometerLyman Alpha-HygrometerKen Kelly (PI)
ATLASAirborne Tunable Laser Absorption SpectrometerMax Loewenstein (PI)Spectrometer (in situ)N2O, CH4, CO, O3N2
CPFMComposition and Photo-Dissociative Flux MeasurementC. Thomas McElroy (PI)Radiometer, Spectrometer (in situ)Solar flux
O3 Classic (NOAA)O3 Photometer Classic (NOAA)Shang Liu (PI)PhotometerO3
ClO/BrOMultiple Axis Resonance Fluorescence Chemical Conversion Detector for ClO and BrOJames Anderson (PI)FluorescenceClO, BrOCL
ALIASAircraft Laser Infrared Absorption SpectrometerLance Christensen (PI)Laser absorption, Spectrometer (in situ)N2O, H2O isotopes, H2O, CO, CH4, CO2 isotopes, HClAL
CNCCondensation Nuclei CounterJames Wilson (PI)CN counterCloud Condensation NucleiCN