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Rate Constant for the Reaction of OH Radicals with Dichloromethane

Villenave, E., V. L. Orkin, R. E. Huie, and M. J. Kurylo (1997), Rate Constant for the Reaction of OH Radicals with Dichloromethane, J. Phys. Chem. A, 101, 8513-8517.

The rate constant for the reaction of CH2Cl2 with OH was measured by the flash photolysis resonance fluorescence technique over the temperature range 277-370 K to give the following Arrhenius expression: kDCM = (2.61 +0.37/-0.34)×10-12×exp{-(944 ± 29)/T} cm3molecule-1s-1, where the uncertainties represent 95% confidence limits associated with the statistical fitting procedure and include the contribution for the expanded uncertainties in the individual rate constant. Based on this new value, the results of recent relative studies of the OH reactions with CHCl2-CFCl2, CH2ClBr, CH2Br2, and CH2FCl have been reanalyzed.

Research Program: 
Upper Atmosphere Research Program (UARP)