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Shipping Contacts and Information

SEAC4RS Shipments

SEAC4RS – ESPO -Proposed Shipping Plan April 16, 2013


The current plan for shipping equipment from Dryden Aircraft Operation Facility (DAOF) in Palmdale, CA to the deployment location will be primarily done by exclusive use truck. This method will take approximately 3-5 days transit time depending on deployment location.

There will be two scheduled shipments, the first will be hazmats and any science equipment that is ready to depart DAOF before the transit of the aircrafts. The second shipment will be science and support equipment only, no hazmats,  and will depart the same day as the scheduled transit of the aircrafts.

ESPO will need all equipment packed and ready the day prior to the scheduled departure. Hazmats are required two days before the scheduled departure.


Aug. 2             1st truck w/ Science Equip. and Hazmats departs DAOF

                                    Estimated arrival at destination, Aug. 7


Aug. 7             2nd truck with Science Equipment departs DAOF

                                    Estimated arrival at destination, Aug. 11


Inventory Lists:

I will need a complete inventory of all hazmats you plan on shipping to the deployment site. Since this not an international deployment I do not need an inventory list of your equipment. It will be useful if you can provide a box count and estimated weight and volume.


Packaging / Labeling:

You should back any fragile of sensitive equipment in hard shell cases with plenty of cushioning material whenever possible. Please avoid shipping loose items if possible. Clearly label all boxes  with “SEAC4RS” the “Instrument Name” and the “PI name”.


Hazmats / Dangerous goods:

All hazmats must be packed separately from your other equipment to avoid any incompatibility issues. Proper packaging and labeling is required for all hazmats. A hazmat is any compressed gas, solvent, chemical or any item with residue in it. If it has a chemical name it is most likely considered a hazmat.

Contacts / Shipping Address:

Before you ship any equipment please email Quincy Allison and Karen Richards with number of packages and estimated weight and size of each shipment. Please also provide expected arrival date and carrier. See below for NASA DAOF shipping address.

 Karen Richards         karen.l.richards@nasa.gov

(661) 276-3675 office

(661) 209-6569 cell

 Quincy Allison            Quincy.Allison@nasa.gov

(650) 604-3493 office

(650) 455-4964 cell



NASA Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF)

2825 East Avenue P

Palmdale, CA 93550

Attn: Your Name/Karen Richards

(661) 276-3675 


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.





(650) 604-3625 office

(650) 455-4964 cell