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SEAC4RS Science Overview

SEAC4RS Science Overview:

SEAC4RS was originally planned as the Southeast Asia Composition, Clouds and

Climate Coupling Regional Study to take place in Southeast Asia in 2012. Unfortunately,

it was not possible to find a suitable location to base the mission in Southeast Asia from

which the science objectives could be met. Therefore, the mission was renamed and

reoriented to become a U.S. field program in 2013. This document describes the goals of

this mission, provides summary descriptions for the various focused studies that are

planned, outlines the reasons for the choice of basing location, defines the instrument

payloads that were selected, outlines other field programs that we may interact with,

discusses balloons and ground sites, outlines the numbers of flights that might address

each focused study, and provides a draft calendar.

A. Goals of SEAC4RS

The goals of SEAR4RS remain as in the original plan, but modified to a U.S. setting:

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