Chambers, L. H., B. Lin, B. Wielicki, Y. Hu, and K. Xu (2002), Reply, J. Climate, 15, 2716-2717.

Chou et al. (2002, hereinafter CLH) argue in their comment that the way in which Lin et al. (2002) analyzed the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) data (Wielicki et al. 1996) is not appropriate. The analysis in the Lin et al. paper exactly followed the original iris idea, as presented by Lindzen et al. (2001, hereinafter LCH), yet obtained significantly different results. We have repeated the analysis with some additional thresholds as illustrated in the CLH comment, and our basic conclusion remains: the difference between the net radiative fluxes of the cloudy-moist and clear-moist regions should be small. Thus, the radiative forcing resulting from a change in tropical high cloud amount is still about 1/10 of that found in LCH. Fu et al. (2002) draw a similar conclusion using a radiation model to compute the fluxes for each region.