This is an instrument team page, for managing the members of the PANTHER/UCATS instrument team. Members of the instrument team are able to edit any webpages describing their instrument(s) and are able to submit measurements made by their instrument(s) to the ESPO data archive.


This team is responsible for the instruments:

James W. ElkinsPrincipal Investigator
Eric HintsaCo-Investigator
Fred MooreCo-Investigator
Patrick CullisOzonesondes
Geoffrey (Geoff) DuttonSoftware
Brad HallStandards and GC
Bryan JohnsonOzonesondes
Audra McClureozone calibration
Ben MillerInstr. Manager
Jon D. NanceData Analysis

For POSIDON, instrument should be PANTHER/UCATS until we can make a decision on which instrument will be included in the mission