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ATom: Simulated Data Stream for Modeling ATom-like Measurements

Prather, M., C. M. Flynn, A. M. Fiore, G. Correa, S. Strode, S. Steenrod, L. Murray, and J. Lamarque (2018), ATom: Simulated Data Stream for Modeling ATom-like Measurements, Ornl Daac, doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1597.

This dataset provides a simulated data stream representative of an Atmospheric Tomography mission (ATom) data collection flight and also modeled reactivities for ozone (O3) production and loss and methane (CH4) loss from six global atmospheric chemistry models: CAM, GEOS-Chem, GFDL, GISS-E2.1, GMI, and UCI. The simulated data include concentrations of selected atmospheric trace gases for 14,880 air parcels along a simulated north-south ATom flight path along 180-degrees longitude over the Pacific basin. Each of the six models produced ozone production and loss and methane loss reactivities initialized using the simulated data beginning with five different days in August (8-01, 8-06, 8-11, 8-16, 8-21). Modeled years for each individual model varied from 1997 to 2016.

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