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INTEX-NA Publications

Title File
(Al-Saadi et al.) A Lagrangian Characterization of the Sources and Chemical Transformation of Air Influencing the US and Europe during the 2004 ICARTT/INTEX-A Campaign PDF (2.4MB)
(Bertram et al.) Direct Measurements of the Convective Recycling of the Upper Troposphere PDF (844KB)
(Blake et al.) Carbonyl sulfide (OCS): Large scale distributions over North America during INTEX-NA and relationship to CO2 PDF (1.4MB)
(Chai et al.) Four Dimensional Data Assimilation Experiments with ICARTT Ozone Measurements PDF (4.9MB)
(Chatfield et al.) Smog Ozone Production over Eastern North America: HOx and a Remarkable Production-of-Ozone Estimator PDF (1.5MB)
(Clarke et al.) Biomass Burning and Pollution Aerosol over North America: Organic Components and their influence on Spectral Optical Properties and Humidification Response PDF (840KB)
(Cook et al.) Forest fire plumes over the North Atlantic: p-TOMCAT model simulations with aircraft and satellite measurements from the ITOP/ICARTT Campaign PDF (1.3MB)
(Cooper et al.) Large upper tropospheric ozone enhancements above mid-latitude North America during summer: In situ evidence from the IONS and MOZAIC ozone measurement network PDF (2MB)
(Crounse et al.) Measurement of gas-phase hydroperoxides by chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS) PDF (312KB)
(Dibb et al.) Stratospheric Influence on the Composition of the Mid- and Upper-Troposphere over North America sampled by the NASA DC-8 during INTEX-A PDF (1.4MB)
(Emmons et al.) MOPITT validation exercises during Summer 2004 field campaigns over North America PDF (652KB)
(Fairlie et al.) Impact of multi-scale dynamical processes and mixing on the chemical composition of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere during INTEX-NA PDF (1.5MB)
(Fehsenfeld et al.) International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation (ICARTT): North America to Europe: Overview of the 2004 summer field study PDF (1.9MB)
(Fuelberg et al.) Meteorological Conditions and Anomalies During INTEX-NA PDF (21.7MB)
(Horowitz et al.) Observational constraints on the chemistry of isoprene nitrates over the eastern United States PDF (612KB)
(Hudman et al.) Surface and lightning sources of nitrogen oxides in the United States: magnitudes, chemical evolution, and outflow PDF (2.4MB)
(Huey et al.) Measurement of HO2NO2 in the Upper Troposphere during ICARRT-INTEX-NA 2004 PDF (728KB)
(Kiley et al.) An Examination of Summertime Cyclone Transport Processes During INTEX-A PDF (1.2MB)
(Kiley et al.) An Investigation of Warm Season CO Transport Episodes During INTEX-A Using Synthetic MOPITT Retrievals PDF (8.5MB)
(Kondragunta et al.) Characterization of GOES-12 Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals during ICARTT/INTEX-A PDF (1.4MB)
(Kwan et al.) On the flux of oxygenated volatile organic compounds from organic 3 aerosol oxidation PDF (172KB)
(Liang et al.) Summertime influence of Asian pollution in the free troposphere over North America PDF (828KB)
(Livingston et al.) Comparison of Water Vapor Measurements by Airborne Sunphotometer and Near-Coincident In Situ and Satellite Sensors during INTEX-ITCT 2004 PDF (9.7MB)
(Martin et al.) Evaluation of space-based constraints on global nitrogen oxide 3 emissions with regional aircraft measurements over and downwind of 4 eastern North America PDF (4.6MB)
(McMillan et al.) AIRS views of transport from 12-22 July 2004 Alaskan/Canadian fires: Correlation of AIRS CO and MODIS AOD with forward trajectories and comparison of AIRS CO retrievals with DC-8 in situ measurements during INTEX-A/ICARTT PDF (14.4MB)
(Mena-Carrasco et al.) Improving regional ozone modeling through systematic evaluation of errors using the aircraft observations during ICARTT PDF (2.2MB)
(Methven et al.) Establishing Lagrangian connections between observations within air masses crossing the Atlantic during the ICARTT experiment PDF (1.8MB)
(Millet et al.) Formaldehyde distribution over North America: Implications for satellite retrievals of formaldehyde columns and isoprene emission PDF (2.7MB)
(Pfister et al.) Ozone Production from the 2004 North American Boreal Fires PDF (1MB)
(Pierce et al.) Chemical Data Assimilation Estimates of Continental US ozone and Nitrogen budgets during INTEX-A PDF (1.5MB)
(Redemann et al.) Airborne Measurements of Spectral Direct Aerosol Radiative Forcing in INTEX/ITCT, 2004 PDF (4.3MB)
(Ren et al.) HOx Observation and Model Comparison during INTEX-NA 2004 PDF (12.5MB)
(Russell et al.) Multi-Grid-Cell Validation of Satellite Aerosol Property Retrievals in INTEX/ITCT/ICARTT 2004 PDF (2.7MB)
(Singh et al.) Overview of the Summer 2004 Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-North America (INTEX-A) PDF (2.5MB)
(Singh et al.) Reactive Nitrogen Distribution and Partitioning in the North American Troposphere and Lowermost Stratosphere PDF (476KB)
(Snow et al.) Hydrogen peroxide, methyl hydroperoxide, and formaldehyde over North America and the North Atlantic PDF (4.5MB)
(Tang et al.) The Influence of Lateral and Top Boundary Conditions on Regional Air Quality Prediction: a Multi-Scale Study Coupling Regional and Global Chemical Transport Models PDF (5.7MB)
(Tarasick et al.) Comparison of Canadian Air Quality Forecast Models With Tropospheric Ozone Profile Measurements Above Mid-Latitude North America During the IONS/ICARTT Campaign: Evidence for Stratospheric Input PDF (1.3MB)
(Thompson et al.) IONS-04 (INTEX Ozonesonde Network Study, 2004): Perspective on Summertime UT/LS (Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere) Ozone over Northeastern North America PDF (9MB)
(Thompson et al.) IONS-04 (INTEX Ozonesonde Network Study, 2004): 2. Tropospheric Ozone Budgets and Variability over Northeastern North America PDF (1.6MB)
(Turquety et al.) Inventory of boreal fire emissions for North America in 2004: the importance of peat burning and pyro-convective injection PDF (620KB)
(Washenfelder et al.) Carbon dioxide column abundances at the Wisconsin Tall Tower site PDF (4.8MB)
(Yu et al.) A comprehensive evaluation of the Eta-CMAQ forecast model performance for O3, its related precursors, and meteorological parameters during the 2004 ICARTT study PDF (10.2MB)