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INTEX-NA Network Info

INTEX-NA Networks & Data System Configurations

MidAmerica Airport

The network connections at MidAmerica Airport consist of a shared 1 Mbps line. Private IP addresses will be and allocated via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configurations Protocol). Please see an ESPO representative for assistance if needed.

Pease Tradeport

The primary internet connection expected to be used by all instrument and forecasting teams is at the New Hampshire Community College. This connection consists of a single T-1 shared line into the NASA designated office area. Static/Public IP address are available upon arrival to the facility. DHCP is also available to those who do not require a static address.

As a secondary, but no less important, connection we have a shared internet line for the aircraft crew located at the Port City Air FBO. This connection is shared with all Port City Air users and not for large data transfer. Connections at the hangar provide DHCP IP allocation and are private. There are no static addresses available at the hangar.

Please check with the ESPO representative for assistance if needed.

For your own peace of mind, and security of others on the local and wide area network, you should always use virus detection and we suggest a software firewall for minimal security installed on your own computer.