This is an instrument team page, for managing the members of the DIAL-HSRL instrument team. Members of the instrument team are able to edit any webpages describing their instrument(s) and are able to submit measurements made by their instrument(s) to the ESPO data archive.


This team is responsible for the instruments:

Johnathan W. HairPrincipal Investigator
Richard FerrareCo-Investigator
Amin R. NehrirCo-Investigator
James E. CollinsEngineer
Marta A. FennData Analyst
Joseph LeeTechnician
Anthony NotariEngineer
Taylor ShinglerEngineer

Joe Lee, Anthony Notari, Taylor Shingler, and John Hair are scheduled for AFRCX/Palmdale.  Notari, Shingler, Hair, Nehrir will be deployed for the campaign.  Collins and Ferrare will be potentially particpating in the deployment.