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FIREX-AQ 08/24/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday, 8/24 Accomplishments:
A/C and instrument maintenance
A/C placed in hangar overnight

Sunday, 8/25 Plans:
Down day with the exception of:
11:00    Flight Planning meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/23/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, 8/23 Accomplishments:
Salina science flight #2 (16th overall)

Saturday, 8/24 Plans:
Maintenance day
12:00    A/C access (ground crew needs time to work on A/C issues)
18:00    A/C access ends
18:00    Science Meeting

Sunday, 8/25 Plans:
Down day except for:
11:00    Flight planning meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/22/19 Mission Daily Schedule

There will be no Flight Planning Meeting tomorrow, Friday, 8/23

Thursday, 8/22 Accomplishments:
A/C recovered from hangar (storms were to the south)
First FedEx pickup of WAS and iWAS boxes!

Friday, 8/23 Plans:
09:00    A/C access
10:30    Preflight briefing
11:30    A/C door closed
12:00    Take-off (max. 8 hr. flight)

FIREX-AQ 08/21/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 8/21 Accomplishments:
First Salina science flight (Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi river valley)
Continuation of lab/office set up
A/C towed to hangar in a precautionary move (hail potential)

Thursday, 8/22 Plans:
Maintenance day
09:30    A/C access begins
11:00    Forecasting meeting
16:00    Severe weather briefing by Michelle Barkley (Salina County Emergency Management Director)
17:00    A/C access ends
17:00    Science meeting

FIREX-AQ 08/20/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 8/20 Accomplishments:
Media Day and Open House (local legislators, media and upwards of 200 students visited)
Science team began unpacking and setting up
Office/lab space set up continued
Weather/Chem Briefing

Wednesday, 8/21 Plans:
0700     A/C access
0830     Pre-flight brief
0930    A/C Door closed
1000     DC-8 Takeoff
1100     Forecasting Discussion
1630     DC-8 Landing

FIREX-AQ 08/19/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 08/19 Accomplishments:
Truck from Boise with A/C unit, GPU and 20’ Conex arrived and unloaded
Dry Ice Salina delivery of dry ice
Airgas delivery of LN2 and compressed gases
Two FedEx semi-truck and trailers unloaded
Tables and chairs set up
DC-8 arrival 
All staged rental cars connected with renters

FIREX-AQ 08/15/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, August 15 Accomplishments
Successful science flight!
Friday, August 16 Tentative Plans
1200 Forecasting briefing and flight planning
1330 A/C Access
14:30 Pre-flight meeting
16:00 A/C Door closed
16:30 Take-off time

FIREX-AQ 08/14/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, August 14 Accomplishments
Instrument and A/C maintenance
Thursday, August 15 Plans
1000 Flight Planning Meeting
1400 A/C Access
15:30 Pre-flight meeting
16:30 A/C Door closed
1700 Take-off time

FIREX-AQ 08/13/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 8/13 Accomplishments
Science flight completed!  Castle fire+ Grand Canyon
Wednesday, 8/14 Plans
1000 Flight planning/Forecasting Meeting
1000-1800 A/C Access
Thursday, 8/15 Plans
Possible flight

DC8 Lift off from Boise on August 13, 2019


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