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Ken Bowman (Texas A&M) and Barry Lefer (NASA HQ) analyzing Science Flight #8 (of the 2022 campaign)

Landing after science flight #7 of the 2022 campaign

New member of the HWV team assisting Jessica Smith (Harvard) with the checklist

Justin Jacquot and Xiaoli Shen (Purdue) prepping the PALMS instrument

Balloon Sonde Launch on Friday, June 17, 2022

Ali Ma (ER-2) giving a tour to high school students attending Fly K-State Academy

Juan Alvarez (ER-2) LOX-ing the aircraft

DCOTSS 06/15/22 Mission Daily Schedule

All times CDT
1000 Crew Show / Hands On
1100 Flight brief
1200 Hands Off
1400 Take-off
~2200 Landing
~2230 Debrief
0000 End crew duty day

DCOTSS 06/14/22 Mission Daily Schedule

All times CDT
0800 Crew Show / Hands On
0900 Flight brief
1000 Hands Off
12:00 Go/No-Go
1430 Take-off
~2000 Landing
~2030 Debrief
2200 End crew duty day


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