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DCOTSS 07/07/22 Mission Daily Schedule

All times PDT

This schedule spans two days, July 7th and 8th
July 7th
0900 – FFP
1100 – All-hands
1900 – FNE available at the hangar
2200 – FFP (pre-flight)
2230 – Hands ON
2330 – Pre-flight brief
July 8th
0230 – Take Off for 8h
1030 – Landing time
1230 – Hands off
Successful 7.9 hour southern survey flight on 7/6.

Meteorological Measurement System (MMS)

DCOTSS 07/06/22 Mission Daily Schedule

All times PDT

0430     FFP pre-flight meeting
0500     Hands on
0600     Flight brief
0700     Hands off
0900     Take off
   ~1700    Landing
   ~1730    De-brief
1900     End crew duty day

New arrivals to Palmdale please complete the check-in form.  Daily, please complete the health screening.

DCOTSS 07/05/22 Mission Daily Schedule

All times PDT
0700 – 1500 ER-2 Crew support
                1st priority AWAS pod comes off the plane and into the lab
0900 – FFP Meeting
1200 – All-hands meeting

We are planning for a Science Flight on July 6; details are TBD

Collaboration key to successes of NASA mission in Salina this month

Only a few people are able to fly one of the most difficult planes in the world, and not everyone can look at and interpret scientific data. For the NASA mission based in Salina this month, these two kinds of people, and many other experts, are needed to ensure its success.

Beautiful sunset at Hangar 606 after a successful flight

View from 806 during Science Flight #9 of the 2022 campaign

RF19 landing view from chase car


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