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CAMP2Ex 08/03/19 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Plan of the Day
Saturday, 3 August – Test Flight - Plenary
Forecast suggests acceptable conditions in the warning area W-386.  Saturday plan dependent upon a successful ATF on Friday.   Conditions look favorable for Sunday, should we need to postpone.
0700  Weather briefing followed by go/no-go call.
0800  Aircraft access to instrument teams
0900  Power check all instruments.  All teams to have someone at their instrument
1030  Doors close
1100  Takeoff
1600  Land
1630  Debrief (location TBD).  Aircraft and instrument teams to have a representative.  Will assess status for flight on Sunday.
Sunday, 4 August – Test Flight – High Altitude
Planning a high-altitude test flight to give more time to the remote sensors.  The plenary flight may shift to this day, depending on the outcome of the ATF and Saturday’s weather.  Conditions look favorable for this flight on Monday, if needed. 
Monday, 5 August
Contingency test flight day
Tuesday, 6 August
Contingency test flight day