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Thematic Mapper Simulator (TMS)


Operated By: 

This is a Daedalus AADS-1268 scanner that flies on the ER-2 aircraft and simulates the LANDSAT Thematic Mapper instrument, with slightly higher spatial resolution. The TMS is used for collecting data similar in application to data collected by the Thematic Mapper (TM) sensor including Earth resources mapping, vegetation/landcover mapping, and geologic studies.

Sensor/Aircraft Parameters

Spatial Resolution: 25 meters (all bands) from 19.8 km (65,000 ft.)
Total Field of View: 42.5 degrees
Instant. Field of View: 1.25 mrad
Swath Width: 8.4 nmi (15.6 km) at 65,000 feet
Pixel/Scan Line: 716
Scan Rate: 12.5 scans/second
Ground Speed: 400 knots (206 m/sec)

Instrument Type: 
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