SUCCESS Introduction to Salina KS


Salina airport: lon=97.65 deg W, lat=38.79 deg N, alt=1272 feet


  • Salina City Map [GIF 16469 bytes]
  • Aerial view of Salina Municipal Airport [GIF 153828 bytes] (Looking north)
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  • KSU Salina Campus Map [GIF 21530 bytes]
  • Aero West Hangar Diagram [GIF 10494 bytes] (SUCCESS operations base)
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    The SUCCESS Mission's field operations are planned to be based at the municipal airport at Salina Kansas, on the campus of Kansas State University at Salina. The airport is adjacent to the city on the southwest side, and is at the site of the former World War II era Schilling Air Force Base. The airport is currently managed by the Salina Airport Authority.

    Salina is a city of approximately 42000 people located in central Kansas, along the Smokey Hill River. It is 91 miles north of Wichita, 112 miles west of Topeka, and 160 miles west of Kansas City. The area was platted in 1858, and became incorporated as a city in 1870.

    Today, north/south Interstate-135 and east/west Interstate-70 intersect near the northwest edge of Salina. Daily scheduled commercial turboprop passenger flights link Salina with Kansas City International Airport. Salina is the county seat of Saline County.

    Educational institutions located in Salina include Kansas State University at Salina College of Technology and Kansas Wesleyan University. KSU at Salina is the host institution for the SUCCESS Mission.

    Cultural attractions in and around Salina include:

    • Salina Public Library
    • Land Institute
    • Salina Community Theatre
    • Salina Symphony
    • Smokey Hill Museum for regional history
    • Bicentennial Center
    • Bluestem Art Gallery
    • Community Access TV (Channel 6)
    • Salina Art Center

    There are a large number of public dining establishments in Salina, more than two dozen motels and inns, downtown and mall shopping centers, several city parks, and two regional hospitals.

    Salina is surrounded by a winter wheat and livestock agricultural economy, and has grain storage facilities, flour mills, and packing plants. Aircraft manufacturing is a key industrial component of the local economy, and many commercial enterprises are operating both within the city and in the industrial complex near the municipal airport.

    A note about pronunciation: The city of Salina KS is pronounced sal-eye'-nuh (i.e. singular, with a long I in the second syllable), as distinguished from the city of Salinas CA, which is pronounced sal-ee'-nus (i.e. plural, with a long E in the second syllable).