STRAT Mission Management


  • Michael Kurylo, Upper Atmosphere Research Program (UARP) Manager, NASA Headquarters
  • Howard Wesoky, Atmospheric Effects of Aviation Project (AEAP) Manager, NASA Headquarters
  • Randall Friedl, AEAP Project Scientist, NASA Headquarters
  • Jack Kaye, Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis Program (ACMAP) Manager, NASA Headquarters
  • Gary Shelton, Airborne Science Office Program Manager, NASA Headquarters
  • Estelle Condon, Atmospheric Observations Manager, NASA Ames
  • Steve Wegener, Environmental Research and Sensor Technology (ERAST) Sensor Manager, NASA Ames
  • Dean Peterson, Assistant UARP Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Philip DeCola, Assistant ACMAP Manager, NASA Headquarters


  • Stephen Hipskind, STRAT Project Manager, NASA Ames
  • Michael Craig, Deputy STRAT Project Manager, NASA Ames
  • Kathy Wolfe, STRAT Project Coordinator, Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Paul Newman, STRAT Project Scientist, NASA Goddard
  • Steven Wofsy, STRAT Project Scientist, Harvard University
  • William Brune, STRAT OMS Project Scientist, Pennsylvania State University
  • Quincy Allison, Logistics Coordinator, SIMCO
  • Jim Eilers, ER-2 Superpod Conversion Coordinator, NASA Ames
  • Steven Gaines, Data Exchange and Archive/Network Manager, Sterling Software
  • Joe Goosby, System Admin/Network/WWW, Sterling Software


  • Science and Applications Aircraft Division, NASA Ames
    • Warren Hall, Chief
    • Earl Peterson, Deputy Chief
  • High Altitude Missions, NASA Ames
    • John Arvesen, Branch Chief
    • James Barrilleaux, Assistant Branch Chief


  • James Riccio, Balloon Gondola Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Danny Ball, National Scientific Balloon Facility (NSBF) Operations Manager, NSBF
  • Dwight Bawcom, NSBF Site Manager, NSBF
  • Harvey Needleman, Balloon Projects Branch Manager, NASA Wallops