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ER-2 Instruments

InstrumentFull NameContact PersonTeamTypeMeasurementsData
CNCCondensation Nuclei CounterJames Wilson (PI)FCAS / NMASSCN counterCCN
MMSMeteorological Measurement SystemT. Paul Bui (PI)MMS3D Wind, Turbulence, Temperature, Position, Velocities, Attitudes, True-Airspeed, Potential TemperatureFP, MM
MTPMicrowave Temperature ProfilerRichard Denning (Mgr)MTPMicrowave RadiometerTemperaturebg
Water Total
Aerosol Size Spectrometer
NOAA NOyNOAA NOy InstrumentPatrick Veres (PI)NOAA CSDChemiluminescenceNO, NO2, NOyno
Hemispheric Radiometers
NOAA O3 ClassicDual-Beam UV-Absorption Ozone PhotometerErik Richard (PI)NOAA UASO3PhotometerO3o3
HTWHarvard Total WaterJames Anderson (PI)Harvard H2OFluorescenceH2O (total)
Cloud Spectrometers
IR NFOV Radiometer