All Instruments

InstrumentPlatformsFull NameContact PersonTypeMeasurements
CRSER-2 - AFRCCloud Radar SystemGerald Heymsfield (PI)RadarRadar Reflectivity, Doppler Velocity
HIWRAPER-2 - AFRCHigh Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne ProfilerGerald Heymsfield (PI)Radar, ScatterometerRadar Reflectivity, Doppler Velocity, Wind
EXRADER-2 - AFRCER-2 Doppler RadarGerald Heymsfield (PI)RadarRadar Reflectivity, Doppler Velocity, Linear Depolarization Radar
CoSMIRER-2 - AFRCConical Scanning Millimeter-wave Imaging RadiometerJames R. Wang (Mgr)RadiometerBrightness Temperature
AMPRER-2 - AFRCAdvanced Microwave Precipitation RadiometerAnthony Guillory (Mgr)Microwave RadiometerBrightness Temperature
CPLER-2 - AFRCCloud Physics LidarMatthew McGill (PI)LidarAerosol, Optical Depth, Particle size distribution
CDPP-3Cloud Droplet ProbeDavid Rogers (PI)Particle imagerParticle size distribution, Particle concentration
CAPSP-3Cloud Aerosol and Precipitation SpectrometerAndrew Heymsfield (PI)Particle imager, Spectrometer (in situ)Aerosol, Particle size distribution, Temperature, Pressure, Cloud Liquid Water Content
2DSP-32D-S Stereo ProbePaul Lawson (PI)Particle imagerParticle size distribution, Particle concentration, Particle Extinction
HVPSP-3High Volume Precipitation SpectrometerPaul Lawson (PI)Particle imager, Spectrometer (in situ)Particle size distribution
NevzorovP-3Nevzorov Liquid Water Content (LWC) and Total Water Content (TWC) ProbeAndrew Heymsfield (PI)Cloud Liquid Water Content, Total Cloud Liquid
HawkeyeP-3HawkeyePaul Lawson (PI)Particle imagerParticle size distribution
RICEP-3Rosemount Icing DetectorAndrew Heymsfield (PI)Cloud Liquid Water Content
TAMMSP-3Turbulent Air Motion Measurement SystemLee Thornhill (PI)Navigation recorderAircraft position, Temperature, Pressure, H2O
AVAPSP-3Advanced Vertical Atmospheric Profiling SystemGary Wick (PI)DropsondePressure, Temperature, Humidity, Wind