Atmospheric Chemistry over Southern Africa Changing Chemistry in a Changing...

Gatebe, C., R. Levy, and A. M. Thompson (2012), Atmospheric Chemistry over Southern Africa Changing Chemistry in a Changing Climate: Human and Natural Impacts over the Southern Africa Region (C4-SAR), Eos Trans. AGU, 93, 110, doi:10.1029/2012EO100008.

During the southern African dry season, regional haze from mixed industrial pollution, biomass burning aerosol and gases from domestic and grassland fires, and biogenic sources from plants and soils is worsened by a semipermanent atmospheric gyre over the subcontinent. These factors were a driver of several major international field campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s and attracted many scientists to the region. Some researchers were interested in understanding fundamental processes governing chemistry of the atmosphere and interaction with climate change. Others found favorable conditions for evaluating satellite­derived measurements of atmospheric properties and a changing land surface. With that background in mind a workshop on atmospheric chemistry was held in South Africa. Sponsored by the International Commission on AtmosphericChemistryandGlobalPollution (ICACGP;, the workshop received generous support from Eskom, the South African power utility; and the Climatology Research Group of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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