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Vapor In-Cloud Profiling Radar

Vapor In-cloud Profiling Radar (VIPR), provides high-vertical-resolution water vapor soundings within the PBL. Importantly, VIPR implements for the first time the differential absorption radar (DAR) approach to provide sounding within the cloudy and precipitating volumes.  

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Twin Otter, NASA P-3 Orion - WFF, DC-8 - AFRC
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Scientists Chase Snowflakes During the Warmest Winter Ever

INSIDE A CAVERNOUS hangar at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility along the Virginia coast, a gleaming white P-3 Orion aircraft sits parked under harsh floodlights.

Team From NASA Flies Into the Heart of Winter Storm

There hasn’t been much snow this year but that’s not stopping a team from NASA from flying into the heart of a winter storm. NBC10’s Tim Furlong joined them for the ride.

Gail and Lynn in Ops Center - 13 Jan 2020

P-3 Lands After Mission - 1 Feb 2020

Matt Miller on P-3 - 1 Feb 2020


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