CPEX-CV Reporting Structure

In the event of a situation occurring that you feel should be escalated to leadership, two options (primary and alternate) are available:
Primary Reporting Structure:

  • The on-site leadership should be the primary interfaces 
  • Situations ranging from logistical to personnel issues 
  • ESPO (Vidal, Marilyn Vasques)
  • Project Leadership (JZ, Ed Z., Amin)
  • HQ Leadership (Hal, Aaron, Will)

Alternate, Off-Site Reporting

  • To be used should you not feel comfortable reporting to on-site leadership
  • Melissa Martin
  • Melissa will use her judgment to either anonymously refer the issue to CPEX HQ Management and/or anonymously refer the issue to ESD Management 

Email contacts for primary and alternate reporting:
Primary Reporting Structure

Alternate, Off-Site Reporting