CPEX-CV Project Communications

CPEX-CV communication resources

ESPO email listservs:

These are used to communicate via email to the team. You can reach out to the full CPEX-CV team or a subselection of the team via one of the following lists:

Note: if you are not sure what email list you are a member of, please click on "my account" (next to the NASA meatball) and "Mailing lists". You will get a list of email lists that you belong to. if you need to be added, please send an email to the list you want to be added to.


This will be the primary resource for in-field communication from ESPO to the team, including the Plan of the Day (POD). This will also allow you to communicate one-on-one or within a group. Click the channel links below to join after you have downloaded WhatsApp.
Channel name: CPEX-CV All
General Project discussion, updates, and the Plan of the Day (POD) for the field campaign will be posted in this channel
Click here to join this channel

Channel name: CPEX-CV Instrument Teams
Instrument related coordination, integration and discussion for the field campaign. Including the integration POD
Click here to join this channel  

Channel name: CPEX-CV Fun
Chat for non-work related topics. restaurants, get togehters, etc.
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Like last year, this is a collaborative sharing environment where members can chat back and forth, and share links, files, and images (please keep them very small, though), and even use other features such as polls. There are a number of channels set up, for example for forecasters, flight planning, general discussion, and for soundings. We will use the same Slack workspace as last year. So if you already have Slack installed and are a member of the workspace, then you’re good to go. 
If you are not yet part of the workspace, download Slack (https://slack.com/) and let Edoardo Mazza (emazza2@uw.edu) know that you’ll need to be invited to the Workspace.