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CASIE Logistics - Travel Info

Getting There

There are 3 flights/week from Longyearbyen to Ny-Ålesund, two on Mondays, and one on Thursdays. The flight is about 30 min in a Dornier 228 (16 passengers). The cost is currently 4200 NOK round trip, including 20 kg of luggage. The plane can also be chartered during business hours M-F at a cost of 39,000 NOK (this may be cost effective for us if the team can all travel together, and would give us some schedule flexibility). Depending on the day of the week, SAS flies from Oslo to Longyearbyen via Troms up to three times per day.

Local Transportation

Very limited options here. We may be able to rent one vehicle here for both moving the aircraft round the airfield, and for transport back & forth to the settlement. We might want to consider bringing a couple of bicycles, though the weather may not be so great for this.