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Plan for Tuesday, 9/9:

  1. Takeoff: 10:15 AM
  2. Show-time for Instrument teams: 8:15 - at aircraft
  3. Showtime for wx. team/planners: 8:15 - at wx office



There will be a Science & Flight Planning Meeting today from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Main Building, second floor.

** Flight plans due to crew after the meeting.


Tomorrow’s Plan – 9/7/14

1.  8:30 am: Showtime at aircraft for instrument teams

    a.  Showtime at weather for crew and planners

2.  10:30 am: Takeoff

3.  Flight Length: ~ 8.5 hours


Sunday, 9/8 Plan

1.  Hard down day for flight crew; no access to airplane

2.  Flight Planning/Science meeting – just science leads and planners needed: 10:00 am-1:00 pm (may not take this long)

    a.  Build flight plan for 9/9

    b.  Discuss science goals as required

    c.  Location: Wedgewood Lounge

3.  After 1:00 – try to get some down time


Tomorrow’s Plan

1.       9:00 amShowtime at aircraft for instrument teams

a.       Showtime at weather for crew and planners

2.       11:00 amTakeoff

3.       Flight Length: ~ 6.5 hours

4.       Post Flight: Move out of hangar; TBD location; ESPO working logistics

a.       They want this room on the second floor moved out; can move our stuff to the building next door

b.      The plane will be relocated to a ramp down the road – they will let us know

c.       Large cargo on the hangar floor needs to be moved; the base is trying to find a space for us and help to move it

d.      We will be out of this hangar until roughly Tuesday or Wednesday, and likely moving into the Corrosion hangar


Tomorrow’s Plan

1.       Takeoff: 11:00 am local

2.       Showtime at plane for instrument prep: 9:00 am local

3.       Planners, leads, and crew to wx office: 9:00 am local

4.       After take-off: flight planning an science team to:

a.       Flight follow and support team in air

b.      Build flight plan for 9/6 – deliver lines to crew

c.       Do this in flight planning room

d.      Call AWU again at 2:30 pm


Tomorrow’ Plan

1.       7:45 am show-time at aircraft for instrument teams who need to work on their stuff:

a.       Crew and planners will meet at wx office at 7:45 to finalize plan

2.       9:45 Takeoff

a.       Ground team will flight follow, and plan flight for next day

3.       Note: Todd will support the SSFR team starting at 6:45 am (special case for instrument maintenance) – inside hangar:

a.       Tow out plan after

b.      SSFR needs 20 min access to top of plane – with power

c.       Rest of time need top clear for LVIS GPS

4.       BBR/Anthony will be the lead scientist onboard

5.       There will be a team debrief immediately following landing:

a.       Brief discussion on flight

b.      Science lead on flight gives PS and PM flight stats

c.       Discuss plan for next day


Just a Reminder for Tomorrow’s Plan:

1.       2:00 flight planning meeting inside the hangar; the room on the second floor

a.       Just a reminder that we will pick flight plans based on ARISE mission science objectives; all folks are welcome, but we need to be efficient and stick to our primary goals. The prime folks involved in the flight planning discussion over the past 7 months are of course well versed in this

b.      Project Scientist Bill makes the final call

c.       Matt Beckley and Louis Nguyen will be the leads for converting the science goals into actual flight plans for the crew

d.      We need to get the crew a small # of flight lines (2-3 samples) no later than a few hours after this meeting; the final call will be made the morning of flight day with a much smaller # of people at the wx office -  as we have less than 1 hour to finalize, build waypoints, and get them to the crew.

2.       5:00 Team Meeting; Wedgewood Main Building; second floor conf room

a.       This will be a logistics meeting to discuss the plans for the next day; what time to be where, and an overview of our potential science plans, etc.

b.      Would like at least 1 rep from each team.

3.       Notes:

a.       Tomorrow is technically a hard down day. The crew is off duty. No planned access to aircraft. All of us should try to rest as well, so our goal was to keep these planning meetings to the middle of the day so folks can sleep in, and get out early

b.      Remember that obtaining your badge at the main gate may take some time


Thursday, 9/4

·         Assume we’ll be flying roughly an 8-hr mission, takeoff around 10:30 (will be confirmed tomorrow)

·         Show time at plane is typically 2 hours prior, but a few teams have worked with the crew to get an extra hour to support maintenance

·         Always bring your passports – just a reminder


Please let  me know if you have any questions.


Plan for tomorrow:

1.       7:00 AM: show time with all personal luggage

2.       10:00 AM: Takeoff – to McChord

3.       Estimated arrival in McChord: ~ 3:30 PM local

4.       Note: Please pack an over-night bag for McChord, so that once we land, it is easy to just pull those off of the top of cargo

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