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Curriculum Vitae for Samuel LeBlanc

Brief Bio: 

My research is focused on cloud and aerosol remote sensing. I am interested in quantifying cloud and aerosol properties in areas difficult to sample from satellite to evaluate their radiative effect on climate and refine process understanding. In this context, I combine remote sensing products of clouds and aerosol from satellite, ground-based, and airborne measurements, while focusing on hyperspectral measurements of transmitted sun light. I have relied on observations and interpretations thereof, developed new measurement technologies, and implemented new retrieval methodologies to further the understanding of climate radiative effects. Linking technical aspects of instrument and technology development with remote sensing and process understanding is one of my strong interests. 

Research Interests: 
Remote sensing of Clouds and Aerosols using hyperspectral measurements of shortwave radiation
Professional Experience: 
2016 - PresentResearch Scientist, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
2014 - 2016Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Ames Research Center
2009 - 2014Research Assistant , Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
2008 - 2009Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado
2004 - 2008Teaching Assistant, University of Ottawa
2014 - Ph.D. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences - University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
2011 - M.Sc. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences - University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
2008 - B.Sc. Specialization in Physics - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
Professional Societies: 
AGU member
AMS member
NASA group achievement awards for ARISE, SEAC4RS, ATTREX.
Queen’s golden Jubilee medal recipient
Maritime central airways award
Co-Authored Publications: 
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