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Arctic Radiation-Icebridge Sea And Ice Experiment: The Arctic Radiant Energy...

Smith, W., C. Hansen, A. Bucholtz, B. E. Anderson, M. Beckley, J. Corbett, R. Cullather, K. Hines, M. Hofton, S. K. Kato, D. Lubin, R. Moore, M. S. Rosenhaimer, J. Redemann, S. Schmidt, R. Scott, S. Song, J. Barrick, J. B. Blair, D. H. Bromwich, C. Brooks, G. Chen, H. G. Cornejo, C. A. Corr, S. Ham, S. Kittelman, S. Knappmiller, S. LeBlanc, N. Loeb, C. Miller, L. Nguyen, R. Palikonda, D. R. Rabine, E. A. Reid, J. Richter-Menge, P. Pilewskie, L. Thornhill, D. Van Gilst, and E. L. Winstead (2017), Arctic Radiation-Icebridge Sea And Ice Experiment: The Arctic Radiant Energy System during the Critical Seasonal Ice Transition, Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 1399-1426, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00277.1.

Through ARISE, NASA acquired unique aircraft data on clouds, atmospheric radiation and sea ice properties during the critical period between the sea ice minimum in late summer and autumn and the commencement of refreezing.

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