Photo primarily shows one or more people


Ryan Borys (SPEC) explains his instrument today at the NASA ARCSIX Open House

Matthew Brown (LaRC) presents a show-and-tell at the NASA ARCSIX Open House.

Ralph Kahn (CU Boulder) is overseeing the NASA swag table while Hal Maring (NASA HQ) discusses ARCSIX science with attendees

Joseph Schlosser (LaRC) & Andrzej Wasilewski (NASA GISS) transferring LN2.

ARCSIX team walking to the pier after arriving to PSB.

Stevie and Quincy preparing the science cargo for the C-130 shipment.

Sebastian Schmidt, Daisy Gonzalez, and Hal Maring.

John Baycura (WFF) giving the planeside briefing on the P-3.

"Is it white out there?" ft. Luke Ziemba from LaRC LARGE group


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