WB-57 - JSC #926 Instruments

InstrumentFull NameContact PersonTeamTypeMeasurements
2DS2D-S Stereo ProbeSarah Woods (PI)SPECParticle imagerParticle size distribution, Particle concentration, Particle Extinction
AWASAdvanced Whole Air SamplerElliot Atlas (PI)AWASWhole Air SamplingCFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, Halons, Solvents, VSLS, NMHCs, Organic Nitrates, CO, CH4, N2O
BBRBroadBand RadiometersAnthony Bucholtz (PI)BBRRadiometerSolar and IR radiative flux; Total, Direct, Diffuse Solar radiative flux
Chi-WISChicago Water Isotope SpectrometerBenjamin Clouser (Mgr)Chi-WisSpectrometerH2O, HDO
CPICloud Particle ImagerSarah Woods (PI)SPEC, NCAR ParticlesParticle imagerParticle phase, habit, Imagery
COLD 2Carbon Oxide Laser Detector 2Francesco D'Amato (PI)COLD 2Laser absorptionCO
COMACarbon Monoxide Measurement & AnalysisRoy R. Johnson (Mgr)COMALaser absorptionCO, CO2, H2O
DLHDiode Laser HygrometerGlenn S. Diskin (PI)DACOM / DLH / LI-CORLaser absorptionH2O
FCDPFast Cloud Droplet ProbeSarah Woods (PI)SPECOptical particle counterCloud Particle Number and Size Distributions
ISAFIn Situ Airborne FormaldehydeGlenn M. Wolfe (PI)ISAFFluorescenceCH2O
LIF-NOLaser Induced Fluorescence – Nitrogen OxideAndrew Rollins (PI)LIF SO2-NOFluorescenceNO
LIF-SO2Laser Induced Fluorescence – Sulfur DioxideAndrew Rollins (PI)LIF SO2-NOFluorescenceSO2
MMSMeteorological Measurement SystemT. Paul Bui (PI)MMS3D Wind, Turbulence, Temperature, Position, Velocities, Attitudes, True-Airspeed, Potential Temperature
PALMSParticle Analysis By Laser Mass SpectrometryGregory Schill (PI)PALMSSpectrometer (in situ)Particle Composition, Aerosol
ROSCOEAerosol and Cloud LidarMatthew McGill (PI)ROSCOELidarAerosol Depolarization Ratio
SP2Single Particle Soot Photometer (NOAA)Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz (PI)HD-SP2PhotometerBlack Carbon, Aerosol
UASO3O3 Photometer - UAS (NOAA)Troy Thornberry (PI)NOAA UASO3PhotometerO3
UTLS-AMPUpper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere Aerosol Microphysics PackageLuke D. Ziemba (PI)UTLS-AMPOptical particle counterAerosol Number Concentration, Aerosol Size Distribution