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The Inter-Calibration of the DSCOVR EPIC Imager with Aqua-MODIS and NPP-VIIRS

Doelling, D. R., C. Haney, R. Bhatt, B. Scarino, and A. Gopalan (2019), The Inter-Calibration of the DSCOVR EPIC Imager with Aqua-MODIS and NPP-VIIRS, doi:10.3390/rs11131609.

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) through the earth polychromatic imaging camera (EPIC) continuously observes the illuminated disk from the Lagrange-1 point. The EPIC sensor was designed to monitor the diurnal variation of ozone, clouds, aerosols, and vegetation, especially those features that benefit from observation near-backscatter conditions. The EPIC sensor does not contain any onboard calibration systems. This study describes the inter-calibration of EPIC channels 5 (0.44 µm), 6 (0.55 µm), 7 (0.68 µm), and 10 (0.78 µm) with respect to Aqua-MODIS and NPP-VIIRS. The calibration is transferred using coincident ray-matched reflectance pairs over all-sky tropical ocean (ATO) and deep convective cloud (DCC) targets. A robust and automated image-alignment technique based on feature matching was formulated to improve the navigation quality of the EPIC images. The EPIC V02 dataset exhibits improved navigation over V01. As the visible channels display similar spatial features, a single visible channel can be used to co-register the remaining visible bands. The VIIRS-referenced EPIC ATO and DCC ray-matched calibration coefficients are within 0.3%. The EPIC four-year calibration trends based on VIIRS are within 0.15%/year. The MODIS-based EPIC calibration coefficients were compared against the Geogdzhayev and Marshak 2018 published calibration coefficients and were found to be within 1.6%.

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