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Spatially coordinated airborne data and complementary products for aerosol,...

Sorooshian, A., M. D. Alexandrov, A. Bell, R. Bennett, G. Betito, S. Burton, M. Buzanowicz, B. Cairns, E. V. Chemyakin, G. Chen, Y. Choi, B. Collister, A. Cook, A. Corral, E. Crosbie, B. van Diedenhoven, J. P. DiGangi, G. S. Diskin, S. Dmitrovic, E. Edwards, M. A. Fenn, R. Ferrare, D. Van Gilst, J. W. Hair, D. Harper, M. Hilario, C. Hostetler, Jester, M. Jones, S. Kirschler, M. Kleb, J. M. Kusterer, S. Leavor, J. Lee, H. Liu, K. McCauley, R. Moore, J. Nied, A. Notari, J. B. Nowak, D. Painemal, K. Phillips, C. Robinson, A. J. Scarino, J. Schlosser, S. Seaman, C. Seethala, T. Shingler, M. Shook, K. Sinclair, W. Smith, D. Spangenberg, S. Stamnes, L. Thornhill, C. Voigt, H. Vömel, A. Wasilewski, H. Wang, E. L. Winstead, K. Zeider, X. Zeng, B. Zhang, L. D. Ziemba, and P. Zuidema (2023), Spatially coordinated airborne data and complementary products for aerosol, gas, cloud, and meteorological studies: the NASA ACTIVATE dataset, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 3419-3472, doi:10.5194/essd-15-3419-2023.

The NASA Aerosol Cloud meTeorology Interactions oVer the western ATlantic Experiment (ACTIVATE) produced a unique dataset for research into aerosol–cloud–meteorology interactions, with applications extending from process-based studies to multi-scale model intercomparison and improvement as well as to remote-sensing algorithm assessments and advancements. ACTIVATE used two NASA Langley Research Center aircraft, a HU-25 Falcon and King Air, to conduct systematic and spatially coordinated flights over the northwest

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