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SABOR Participants

Program Management

Paula Bontempi - Program Manager - Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program - NASA - HQ

Science Management

Ivona Cetinic – Project Scientist - University of Maine

Michael Behrenfeld – Project Scientist - Oregon State University

Chris Hostetler - Project Scientist - NASA - Langley Research Center

Project Management

Quincy Allison - Project Manager - Earth Science Project Office - NASA Ames

Sue Tolley - Project Coordinator - Earth Science Project Office - NASA Ames

Education and Outreach

Steve Cole - Office of Communications - NASA – HQ

Kathryn Hansen - NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center

Mike Cabbage - NASA – Goddard Institute for Space Studies

NASA B-200 Management and Crew

Mike Wusk - Pilot in Charge - NASA Langley Research Center

Greg Slover - Pilot - NASA Langley Research Center

Kurt Blankenship - Pilot - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Andy Haynes - Crew Chief - NASA Langley Research Center

Dale Bowser - Mechanic - NASA Langley Research Center

R/V Endeavor Management and Crew


SABOR Science Teams Endeavor

Ivona Cetinic - PI - University of Maine

           Wayne Slade - Sequoia Scientific Inc.

            Mary Perry - University of Maine

            Nicole Poulton - Bigelow Laboratory

            Alison Chase - University of Maine

Alex Gilerson - PI - CCNY-CUNY

            Barry Gross - CCNY-CUNY

            Carlos Carrizo - CCNY-CUNY

            Robert Foster - CCNY-CUNY

Courtney Kearney - PI - NRL - SSC

            Rick Gould - NRL - SSC

            Deric Gray - NRL – SSC

Michael Behrenfeld - PI - Oregon State University

            Kimberly Halsey - Oregon State University

            Allen Milligan - Oregon State University

            Toby Westberry - Oregon State University

            Allen Milligan - Oregon State University

            Jason Graff - Oregon State University

            Nerissa Fisher - Oregon State University

Michael Twardowski - PI - WET Labs, Inc.

            Nicole Stockley - WET Labs, Inc.


SABOR Science Teams B-200

Chris Hostetler- PI - NASA-LaRC

            Yongxiang Hu - NASA-LaRC

            John Hair - NASA-LaRC

            Melissa Ashe - NASA-LaRC

            Tony Cook- NASA-LaRC

            Rich Hare- NASA-LaRC

            David Harper- NASA-LaRC

Brian Cairns - PI – NASA - GISS

            Jacek Chowdhary- NASA - GISS

            Kirk Knobelspiesse - NASA – ARC

            James Churnside - NOAA - ESRL