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Photo primarily shows one or more people


James Less (AFRC), Alex Wineteeer (JPL), Federica Polverari (JPL), and Wayne Ringelberg (AFRC) [12.06.19]

Tracy Phelps (AFRC), Hernan Posada (AFRC), Fabien Nicaise (JPL), and Hector Torres (JPL) [12.11.19]

Jeff Borton (AFRC), Scott Howe (AFRC), and Alex Wineteer (JPL) [12.05.19]

Hangar in ARC Building N248 [08.22.19]

Jeff Borton (AFRC) and NASA 801 at ARC [08.22.19]

Dimitris Menemenlis (JPL) at the ARC Hyperwall [08.23.19]

Tom Farrar (WHOI), Ernesto Rodriguez (JPL), and Fred Bingham (UNCW) viewing the ARC Hyperwall [08.23.19]

Amala Mahadevan (WHOI) presenting at S-MODE STM [08.21.19]

Michelle Gierach (JPL) presenting at S-MODE STM [08.21.19]

S-MODE Science Team Meeting - NASA Ames Research Park [08.21.19]


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