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Coherent backscattering by polydisperse discrete random media: exact T-matrix...

Mishchenko, M., J. M. Dlugach, and D. W. Mackowski (2011), Coherent backscattering by polydisperse discrete random media: exact T-matrix results, Opt. Lett., 36, 4350-4352.

The numerically exact superposition T-matrix method is used to compute, for the first time to our knowledge, electromagnetic scattering by finite spherical volumes composed of polydisperse mixtures of spherical particles with different size parameters or different refractive indices. The backscattering patterns calculated in the far-field zone of the polydisperse multiparticle volumes reveal unequivocally the classical manifestations of the effect of weak localization of electromagnetic waves in discrete random media, thereby corroborating the universal interference nature of coherent backscattering. The polarization opposition effect is shown to be the least robust manifestation of weak localization fading away with increasing particle size parameter.

Research Program: 
Radiation Science Program (RSP)