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The COMEX Final Report can be found here.

Update November 2014
The COMEX (CO2 and MEthane eXperiment), a campaign conducted in coordination with the HyspIRI campaign, demonstrated that methane emissions associated with fossil fuel production activities in the Bakersfield area were of sufficient magnitude and size for space-based observations. Targeted GOSAT pixels are being acquired upwind, over the source, and downwind of the source with supporting surface measurements made by the AMOG (AutoMObile greenhouse Gas) surveyor - each pixel is traversed in the AMOG to map the plume in the GOSAT pixels. AMOG surveyor is a Nissan Versa, adapted for meteorology and air quality measurements, that measures meteorology data and up to seven trace gas concentrations including methane and carbon dioxide by cavity ring-down spectroscopy at 5 Hz or faster at up to highway speed. AMOG data is being used to refine targeted pixel locations and improve experimental design, with supporting AJAX flights planned starting late November.

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