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Evaluation of soil moisture estimated from IASI measurements

Zhou, D. K., A. Larar, and Xu Liu (2018), Evaluation of soil moisture estimated from IASI measurements, Proc. SPIE, 10783, 107831T, doi:10.1117/12.2323196.

A simple yet effective scheme to estimate volumetric soil moisture (VSM) using infrared (IR) land surface emissivity retrieved from satellite IR spectral radiance measurements was recently developed, assuming other parameters impacting the radiative transfer (e.g., temperature, vegetation coverage, and surface roughness) are known for an acceptable time and space reference location. This scheme was applied to a decade of global IR emissivity data retrieved from MetOp-A Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer measurements. Global datasets of monthlymean 0.25° spatial-grid VSM, estimated from IR emissivity data (denoted as IR-VSM), are assembled to compare with those routinely provided by satellite microwave (MW) multi-sensor measurements (obtained from the ESA CCI website). The IR-VSM dataset is used to demonstrate its spatial variations as well as seasonal-cycles and inter-annual variability which are spatially coherent and consistent with that from MW measurements. Herein we report on some initial evaluation of the IR-VSM absolute values using in-situ measurements available from the Soil Climate Analysis Network of the USDA website. From the 114 ground station locations, we infer a mean bias between monthly-mean in-situ VSM and satellite derived IR-VSM of 0.005 (m3 /m3 ) over the past decade, despite the differences between physical measurements. The absolute accuracy of IR-VSM is also evaluated using an independent source of soil moisture measurements.

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