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HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package (HARP)


Operated By: 

HARP G-V rack

The HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package (HARP) instrumentation is a comprehensive atmospheric radiation suite to measure spectrally resolved actinic flux and horizontally stabilized irradiance. HARP was developed in a collaborative effort between NCAR, the University of Colorado, the Leibniz-Institute for Tropospheric Research, Metcon, Inc and Enviscope GmbH. The package is part of the HIAPER Aircraft Instrumentation Solicitation (HAIS), funded by NSF.

Instrument Type: 
Gulfstream V - NSF, C-130 - NSF, ER-2 - AFRC
Recent Missions: 
ACCLIP (Gulfstream V - NSF); TI3GER (Gulfstream V - NSF); WECAN (C-130 - NSF); CSET (Gulfstream V - NSF); WINTER (C-130 - NSF); FRAPPÉ (C-130 - NSF)
Complete mission list:
  • ACCLIP (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • TI3GER (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • WECAN (C-130 - NSF)
  • CSET (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • WINTER (C-130 - NSF)
  • FRAPPÉ (C-130 - NSF)
  • CONTRAST (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • NOMADSS (C-130 - NSF)
  • DC3 (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • TORERO (Gulfstream V - NSF)
  • PACDEX (Gulfstream V - NSF)
Point(s) of Contact: 
Samuel R. Hall (POC; PI), Kirk Ullmann (Co-I)