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In-Situ Measurements of Aerosol Optical Properties (AOP)


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Three instruments, a cavity ringdown (CRD) aerosol extinction spectrometer, a photoacoustic absorption spectrometer (PAS), and an ultra-high sensitivity aerosol size spectrometer (UHSAS) comprise the AOP package. The AOP package provides multi‐wavelength, multi-RH aerosol extinction and absorption measurements with fast response and excellent accuracy and stability on aircraft platforms. The instruments will also characterize the optics of black carbon (BC) mixing state, brown carbon, and water uptake of aerosol. Aerosol asymmetry parameter, needed for radiative transfer modeling, will be calculated from dry and humidified particle size distributions.

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Charles Brock (Co-I), Nicholas L. Wagner (POC; PI), Daniel Murphy (Co-I), Karl Froyd (Co-I), Ming Lyu (Co-I), Kyra Slovacek (Co-I)