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HU-25C Falcon 07/19/13

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Flight Number: 
GEO TASO Engineering Check Flight 3
Payload Configuration: 
Goddard Ball Spectrometer
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
2.9 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/19/13 13:17 Z Finish:07/19/13 16:09 Z
Flight Time:2.9 hours
Log Number:13F001PI:James Leitch
Funding Source:Parminder Ghuman - NASA - SMD - ESD ESTO - IIP Program Manager
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Third local flight completing the engineering checkout of the GEO TASO instrument. Essentially a repeat of the flight pattern flown yesterday. Flight crew was Greg Slover, Les Kagey, and Mike Wusk from Langley and Shaun Ashby and Jeremy Craner from Ball. Flight plan included an hour plus at 30000' completing multiple legs over the Richmond urban area and rural areas to the south of Richmond, and a doglegged run down over the Langley and Norfolk areas. Then a return a the Richmond area North-south leg flown at FL360, FL240, and 11,000'. The flight finished by continuing along the same leg flown toward LFI previously but this time at 11,000'. Landing and shut down were all nominal. The weather was hot,hazy. Below is Tom Belker's daily email summary. Shaun and Jeremy are back safely from the morning sortie with another successful mission completed. As planned, they repeated the same flight pattern with approximately a one hour earlier take off and the 39 um slit. The weather was very similar to the previous day, but hazier and slightly more cloud build-up toward the end of the flight. No software anomalies this time. All the objectives of the engineering flights have been met. Here is the current status of the matrix, although we still need to provide level 1B data to our science team members for them to perform the retrievals. Altitude (ft) Actual (ft) Urban (rush hour) Urban (non rush hour) Rural Water (polarizers on) Water (polarizers off) Pollution Clouds Zenith Dark 10 Deg Zenith roll 1 hr stability test Slit (um) 10000 15000 X X X NA NA X X X X NA NA 39 26 20000 25000 X X X X X X X X X NA NA 39 26 30000 32000 X X X NA NA X X X X X X 39 26 40000 38000 X X X NA NA X X X X NA NA 39 26 The instrument and racks will be deintegrated from the aircraft next week and be transported to Goddard for absolute radiometric calibration and, if time permits, bandpass measurements. At one point we were hoping to remain on the aircraft until the September flight, but there is a mission planned that we are not compatible with. We will provide pseudo-1B data to the science team in the meantime using our initial lab measurements of subsystem performance in order to start getting final data products from the instrument. Congratulations GeoTASO and Langley team mates! It was through your hard work and attention to detail that we were able to have such successful engineering check-out flights! Tom Thomas Delker Principal Engineer, Optics Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS28
Total Used31.9
Total Remaining-3.9
13F001 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
07/16/13GEO TASO ICF 1Science2.72.725.3
07/18/13GEO TASO Engineering Check Flight 2Science2.85.522.5
07/19/13GEO TASO Engineering Check Flight 3Science2.98.419.6
09/12/13GEO TASO Deployment FlightScience3.211.616.4
09/13/13GEO TASO Research Flight #1Science3.314.913.1
09/14/13GEO TASO Research Flight #2Science317.910.1
09/16/13GEO TASO Research Flight #3Science3.521.46.6
09/17/13GEO TASO Research Flight #4Science2.123.54.5
09/18/13GEO TASO Research Flight #5Science3.326.81.2
09/24/13GEO TASO Return Flight #1Science2.429.2-1.2
09/24/13GEO TASO Return Flight #2Science2.731.9-3.9

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